So they made you an engineering manager?

This session is for:

Senior Developers & lead


Transitioning from being an individual contributor to managing teams can be quite a challenge! Especially since there is so much nonsense floating around about how to do it. This training is about leading teams of developers. What works, what doesn’t. What is important, what is not.

We’ll talk about different perspectives on doing the job

– Working with people
– Going for engineering excellence
– Getting the best developers for your team
– Making decisions
– Working with the wider context around you

Being a manager in the world of software development is a completely different beast from being a manager in a production environment. A lot of managers are focusing on the wrong things

– they assess an individuals performance
– they equate output generated to value delivered
– they think you can set deadlines and be successful
– etc

In the world of software development, what DO managers need to focus on:
– they encourage and amplify learning
– they ensure the environment is suitable for
extensive communication and collaboration
– they remove any obstacles that are in the way of
delivering valuable product

This workshop will get you started!

With a way of managing that will get results, because every developer can contribute to the fullest, and we focus on outcomes. We’ll also cover personal aspects of leading, and how you could take a systemic view that makes managing just like software development. Plus you’ll get a bunch of practical tools that you can start applying to do a better job at managing your team The workshop is case-based, interactive with a lot of exercises. No boring powerpoint slides with bulletpoints.

You will learn

  • Individual performance
  • output
  • deadlines
  • What do you need to focus on
  • Learning
  • Collaboration
  • Removing obstacles


Price with Appril Festival Passe-partout: € 800,00 ex btw
Price without Appril Festival Passe-partout: € 650,00 ex btw
Drinks, lunch inclusive

Session details
Date: 27-09-2024
Time: 09:30 - 17:30
Location: Utrecht Spaces
Lange Viestraat 2b, Utrecht
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