Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Jacqueline de Gruyter. Everything I do revolves around connecting a network of app experts and promoting app developers.

What are your interests?

New ideas and the brilliant people who bring them to life make my heart beat faster. I’m particularly fascinated by the blend of innovation and craftsmanship. Technology enables us to find effective solutions to problems quickly. I gain a lot of energy from listening to these ideas and figuring out ways to support them. Every week, I meet new people who are coming up with amazing solutions.

Where else might people know you from?

Most people know me from the Appril Festival, which I’ve been organizing for over eleven years. Additionally, I do a lot to support the app-building community in the Netherlands. You might also know me from the Amsterdam app community, Appsterdam. I host app and tech podcasts and work as a recruiter for app developers and mobile designers.

What is your company called and what does it do?

Everything I do is about connecting specialists who build apps and spotlighting the app industry. I provide knowledge and help improve skills through the Appril Festival. From The House of Appril, I connect companies with app developers, particularly in the field of recruitment.

My work stems from my passion for creation and the people behind it. My approach is significantly different from the usual methods. I am probably the only app recruiter in the Netherlands who looks beyond just resumes. I have been committed to supporting the app-building community in the Netherlands, organizing various knowledge events for over eleven years. No other recruiter or IT partner in the Netherlands works in the same way. No other organization in the country mediates between app developers and simultaneously values sharing and expanding knowledge and expertise as much as we do. It’s not just about high margins on hourly rates or salaries; it’s about finding the right match and placing the developer or designer in the right position.

How long has your company been around?

The idea for the app festival emerged four years after the launch of the iPhone, and the festival has existed since 2012. Back then, you could only bank with an e-dentifier, and apps were mainly developed by independent developers. Large companies only had websites. Now, nearly every organization has an app.

This year, we are expanding Appril into a platform that focuses on app development year-round. There will be a news section, space for opinions and blogs, a job section with relevant positions, and a calendar for inspiration and networking events. The job section is managed from The House of Appril with a few partners.

Why did you become an entrepreneur, and why in this industry?

I started Appril out of my personal fascination with technology. The combination with design and the accessibility of apps intrigues me enormously. It’s also fantastic to work with smart people, and you find plenty of them in this industry.

Why do people choose to work with your company?

By now, everyone working in this industry knows what I do and how I work. I find that many developers choose me because they know I support the sector. I’m now in a position where experienced experts, both senior and mid-level developers, can find me. This often happens through word-of-mouth. Not just native (iOS & Android) developers, but also web app builders and multi-platform developers now know how to find me.

Online, there are various channels where developers share their experiences. Increasingly, I find that people looking for work are referred to me through these channels. This is the result of eleven years of investment. Recruiting suitable candidates has thus become much easier.

What is your advice for entrepreneurs, who want to develop an app?

If you have a good idea to develop and have never built an app before, be cautious. Even if your idea is brilliant, developing an app requires a lot of expertise, which means you will likely need to enlist external help, which can be costly.

An app can be successful if it is developed to solve a problem or fulfill a need. Are you an expert in your field and see where things go wrong or can be improved? An app idea has the best chance of success if it is developed by someone knowledgeable. A professional with an extensive network who knows exactly how the industry works. If you decide to develop an app based on your knowledge and passion, it has a much higher chance of success.

Nowadays, there are many options to have an app developed without directly investing in the development in Apple’s programming language with high costs. You can now choose an app that is coded only once and then rolled out to multiple platforms. This way, you have an iOS and Android app in one go.

Choose your app partners carefully and research whether the organization has experience in your field. If you already know where the pitfalls lie or where profits can be made, your company can be profitable.

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