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Do you want to feel free?

If you are stuck and life does not go as you planned, then the smallest changes in your life will have the biggest consequences! It is almost never the big things, which is why it is often not possible to clarify them without support.

Often you need to find someone to talk openly about difficult choices, so you can unravel what is really going on. By asking sharp questions and using every resource you have, things can change and you will be able to see the solutions and overcome your difficulties by yourself.

Whether the question concerns your financial, legal, structural, entrepreneurial or health situation, this individual coaching program is an independent and safe place to make optimal use of your knowledge, experience and potential.

Developers, get insights, new ideas and answers!

Thanks to the variety of new experiences you gain in this individual coaching program, there is a good chance that you will develop successful new ways to deal with the problems you are currently facing. Because we actively benefit from the exchange of (deep) thoughts, our conversations quickly become valuable.

By working together, we develop a new range of options and solutions. My role is to give you tools and therefore entice you to gain these completely new experiences and keep them safe. This process releases an energy within you and once you have felt it, you will never forget it.

And then it happens!

Your new work is paying off, your confidence in your ‘new’ way of life is essential. And, equally valuable, together we track your progress. At each subsequent conversation you can expect and ask questions about how you have continued with your new approach to life.

The coaching, what I offer you

I offer short or longer programs, light or very intensive. I will teach you how to live life in a truly grounded way, so that you no longer lose energy by constantly protecting yourself. This ensures that you have a lot of energy left. My coaching programs vary from 2 weeks to 1 year in duration. We create a tailor made program together, with lifestyle advice and biohack tips. All sessions are online, with the following ingredients:

An individual call of 1 hour once every 2 weeks
– Unlimited online guidance via text message, (voice) message or email
– Once a week we check in on the exercises we have discussed

You will gain new tools!

  • Tools you get make it possible for you to transform your emotional baggage and you learn to resolve it independently.
  • You free yourself from the weight caused by the people around you.
  • You know how to reduce the toxic burden on your body and mind and thus prevent conflicts, stress and chronic diseases.

About Lars

My specialty is making energetic knowledge practical and applicable. My job is to entice you to gain new experiences, in a safe way, in the areas you didn’t know you didn’t know. After all, supporting you in the areas you already know has little added value; you already know that.

Inspiration for you: Listen to the “Life is Simple” podcast

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